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Econtainer Bridge

Ariel Sharon Park

The Econtainer bridge (160 meters long) will be the gateway to Ariel Sharon Park and will connect Lod road (route 461, which leads from east Tel Aviv to Bnei Atarot village) straight to the center of Hiriya Mountain Park. The bridge will be used by pedestrians, cyclists and special vehicles that will function as shuttles to transport the public from the parking areas into the park itself. The project was submitted against proposals from other leading Architecture firms. It was awarded first place. Currently the project is in the stage of detailed design towards building execution.

* First Prize Winner in the Ariel Sharon Park Competition


The Ariel Sharon Park is planned as a green and rich urban center with an emphasis on ecology. We chose to base our proposal on the idea of REUSE, inspired by the prospect of transforming this mountainous garbage dump into a flourishing park. We chose to recycle old steel containers. Each year there are more than 800,000 containers emitted from the maritime transport. These disgarded materials can undergo a transformation that will provide a foundation for movement, observation and display. From excessive waste, to a lifeline.


Skeleton: The bridge is based entirely on the principle of reuse. The recycled containers are the building blocks for the construction. The planning will be coordinated with a structural consultant.

Finishing Materials: The bridge walls (display walls), predominant roof structure (for shade) and timber pathway will be based on the same principal of reuse.

Shading: The roofs are the original roofs of the containers – REUSE. In addition, there will be louvers at suitable angles for ideal shading. On these louvers there will be photovoltaic solar cells, which will provide clean electricity to illuminate the bridge and its surroundings.

Construction Method: According to the green requirements, adapting the old container to the new design will be completed offsite in order to minimize the damage to the natural environment of the park.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Iftah Hayner | Hagar Admi
3D : Studio Aiko

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