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yoav messer architects ltd: ECOntainer bridge, israel

Jan 20, 2013



danny hudson

israeli practice yoav messer architects (associate architect iftah hayner) have just shared images with us of their newest project, the ‘ECOntainer bridge’ that will soon be under construction. the project is located in ariel sharon park, a nature conserve rooted in the ideas of environmental ecology and sustainability. the bridge therefore follows par with its reuse of shipping containers to enhance the space, or rather the connection, between two sides of the site.repurposing the containers is fast and easy work that can be done off-site and later assembled, minimizing invasive construction. a new steel trusswill be integrated with the metal boxes as the primary structure of the bridge, with two cantilevering observation platforms offering specific views ofthe horizon. the deck will accommodate pedestrian and light vehicle traffic, freeing the roadways for vehicles and improving the flow of both. the containers’ modular characteristic makes it ideal for replacing or repairing parts, modifying certain points of the design, and using the natural proportions to frame specific views. incorporated display panels will keep visitors up to date with site-specific information and presentationson new projects.

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