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Kiosk Lilenblum

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The third Kiosk in Tel-Aviv was built in 1920 at the corner of 3 Lilenblum and HaRishonim, and is the only remaining kiosk from its period in the city that retains its authenticity. The building is hexagonal in shape and designed in the eclectic style. It is built from concrete and prefabricated elements made by the Chelouche Freres. It has a wooden canopy roof with galvanized tiles, and a lightning rod at the top. The kiosk is representative of the commercial and entertainment development of the city in the 1920's, and is located opposite the Eden cinema: the first cinema in Tel-Aviv. During these years around 100 kiosks operated in the city under the association of the kiosk and soft drink store owners. It became a national pastime and functioned as an informal meeting place. Over the years the kiosks also operated as currency changers. The kiosk was preserved and returned to its original use in 2016. The original architect is unknown.

Planning team: Architect - Yoav Messer Architects | Ayelet Safran
In Collobration with architect Iris Horowitz Chelouche
Photographer: Amit Gosher

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