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The New Campus of Yad Giora


The New Campus of Yad Giora in Herzliya is A new high school wing, which consists of two floors that were added to an existing building.
In the 1970s, prefabricated schools were built throughout the country.
The Yad Giora Herzliya School is one of these buildings. A gray and schematic structure with industrialized facades.
The new campus included the dismantling of the interior of the building to create an atrium and an additional floor from a light steel structure floating over.
On this floor is the Library and Resource Center - the heart of the school.
In addition - all school classrooms, services, administration and computer labs have been renovated.
The library is seen from the main traffic road of the city and has become the symbol of the new school

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Iftah Hayner | Tali Djerassi | Laura Hoffman Schaeftler

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