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The Bourge


Historical building dated back from the British Mandate year 1934
This building declared for preservation located in down town Hifa City area.The Bourge building served as BEZEK telephone center over the last 80 years.Its unique location is in a seam between the Memorial Park and the municipal institutions and the down town Haifa city area called: “the Tachtit”.
The historical building will be converted into “we work” office spaces; above in the new additional residential floor and the roof will be connected to the memorial garden via a bridge.
The roof will serve as an observatory, a café and a venue for events.
On the west side of the roof an additional 6 floor residential building with unique apartments.
The abandoned historical building will be transformed from an abandoned technical structure into a structure of urban renewal with diverse activities

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects |Rotem Litvak| Dekel Baehr
3D: Studio AND

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