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Neve Tzedek Hotel

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Neve Tzedek Hotel in Tel Aviv is a 6000 sqm project located in the historic neighborhood of Neveh Tzedek. The site includes the iconic cinema hall "Eden" both the indoor and outdoor halls, which is the first 'cinematograph' in Israel, a cultural landmark and a preservation building. The concept for the extension was to hang a glass box above the space of the outdoor cinema hall in order to preserve not only the facade of the original building but the experience of the cinema - a terraced space and a screening wall. The hotel hosts 50 rooms, restaurants an outdoor bar, retail spaces and above all - the open semi public space at the ground floor.
Facade planing principles: Our design wishes to express a contemporary intervention in the spirit of time and place. We are led by sensitivity and respect toward the existing, and by the believe that a clear statement, one which does not attempt to copy or to imitate but give a deeper interpretation, is the key for the right architectural solution. While developing the facade system we formulated the following values: surrounding, culture, urbanism, locality, universality, innovation, humanity, totality, curiosity, openness, intimacy, flexibility, iconic, dynamic. etc...

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Yoav Messer |Rotem Litvak| Avital shenhav-shani | Iftah Hayner| Ben Goldstein
3D: Studio Bonsai

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