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Nature Museum


The Natural History Museum in Jerusalem was designed out of respect for open spaces, nature and the urban fabric. The design is based on a complex interaction between the natural environment, open spaces, exhibition spaces, the street borders and the built environment.
The building typology is not intended to compete, imitate or quote the natural environment, but aims to highlight the scenery and allow museum guests, as well as all residents of the city, to experience it on different levels.

The dissolution of the built mass into several separated structures increases the areas of overlap between nature display and the structures. It allows the natural landscape to sprawl without interference all over the lot. It leaves an open view to both near and far distant landscapes, creating framed views throughout the structures, allowing glances and glimpses of the exhibitions spaces to the visitors.

Planning team:Yoav Messer Architects: Iftah Hayner | Florencia Michelli | Hagar Admi | Henly Elor.
In Collaboration with Architect Sharon Neuman
3D: 3DZigza

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