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Media Tech


The new Media Tech building in Akko will be built on a special site against the ancient walls and the excavation of Akko.
A fortified structure (covered with soil) will be built under the embankment of the fortifications that will connect the entrance square, the Education Campus and the wall promenades at Bonaparte Street.
The planning work started with a comprehensive archaeological analysis of the environment and the past. The planned structure reconstructs parts of the historical fortifications.
Yoav Messer Architects also planned and completed the building of the nearby school on the seashore.
The funds for the building - a contribution of a princess from the Gulf States, which seeks to promote culture and education for Arab children in Akko.
The Project managers are ORT Israel.
The building has an entrance hall, a resource center that includes a library, an audiovisual room, computers, spacious auditorium and other advanced facilities.
The combination of the sea promenade, the walls of the Old City and the Media Tech structure create a special encounter between past and knowledge.
This special structure will make a special contribution to the youth of Akko

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects

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