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Liget Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Liget Budapest Competition | Budapest | 2014

Background - A Dialogue:

We view the museum buildings as an integral part of the urban, scenic and cultural texture of the park area and Budapest in general, rather as monuments by their own right. We believe that with careful planning they may and will be worthy of becoming a symbol of excellence, a source of inspiration, a place of interest and an icon for local and national pride. At the base of the design lies a sensitive dialogue between many participants – the local culture, international contexts, an urban historical texture, new construction, a green park rich with historical meaning, a highway, pedestrians, the 1956 monument, the historic rondo, the definition as the park's gateway and of course the cultural and functional aspects of the buildings as museums for architecture and photography.

The Photography Museum – The language of design was inspired by the art of photography. The abstract concepts of the art of photography of which its products are two dimensional pictures, received a physical interpretation – plains and frames as context and language, an emphasis on composition for a given frame, exposure, a dramatic expression, positive and negative and of course use of light as a generator.

The Museum of Architecture – At the base of all architectural creation lies a three dimensional work of volumes and space - 'a game of volumes under the sun' (Le Corbusier) - which is the inspiration source. The museum building is based on four simple cuboids whose spatial relation between themselves and the environment creates a dynamic, clear, functional and exciting space.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Iftah Hayner | Ayelet Safran |
3D : Studio Bonsai

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