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Hostel Levent Fair 2016

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Levant Fair is an international trade fair held in Tel Aviv in the 30s, The fair covers an area of ​​ten hectares with Pavilions designed by some of the most important Architects of that time.
The Pavilion “Imported Palace”, was one of the outstanding buildings of the Levent designed by Arie Elhanani, and served as a concert hall for the Israeli Philharmonic at the opening night with Artour toskanini.
Planning – an urban renewal of historical-cultural-Architectural Pavilion creating social HUB.
A link between past future preservation to create international hosting, using the high, the cross sections structure and the unique light – to create a modern lively contemporary international hostel.
Central space – the Orchestra Hall turns into a place for meeting, work, gathering, Lubi.
Halls of Italy and French become an inside patio full of light leading to the guest rooms and creating intimate meeting spaces.
The hostel has 55 various rooms, Bar, Library and meeting spaces
Location – on the banks of the “Yarkon” river north of Tel-Aviv, ideal for sport activities with terrace open to the “Yarkon” bank.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Ayelet Safran| Yael Engelhart | Jovana Krstic

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