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Herzog School


Herzog School is A special community school - winner of the Educational buildings planning competition.
The planning of the school was based on 2 principle guidelines.
- "Telecommuting Street" - which enables public transit through the school and a shared learning experience.
- The "Telecommuting" axis - highlighted in a three-dimensional diagonal wall with an area of 107 square meters, including a frontal group area and a computer gallery.
The students move between classes according to the subjects. The classrooms on the high floors are bathed in sunlight.
The students of the young brigade cross the street in bridges to work together with other students in the school.
Planning of the school takes advantage of natural resources and the environment, creates a dynamic space that allows freedom of expression and movement for the children who study there.
In the second stage we planned the sports hall for the school.
A special community school.
2004-2007, 2000 sqm.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects| Stephan Matt

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