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Eastern Mediterranean College

The Green Village

The Green Village is situated in the center of Israel - 12 km from Tel Aviv, and 60 km from Jerusalem.
The campus site is at a 10.5 Dunam plot, and the built area is 8500 sqm.
According to future plans, the plot will be divided to public buildings area on the west side and the student residential area on the east side.
In our design we took a number of factors under consideration: the place, the position, the function, the cultural context - both international and local. Our greatest goal was to give a modern interpretation to the spirit of the existing place - by the position of the buildings, building typology, climate and culture. Another goal was to create a campus that would be active throughout all hours of the day. a place the students can call home even after hours. Furthermore, we incorporated principles of sustainable architecture, which is relevant to every building, especially in a school that puts this topic in the center of its curriculum.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Iftah Hayner | Tali Djerassi | Suzan Serban-Yadid | Hagar Admi
3d: stuio Aiko

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