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Desert Frames Bridge

Beer sheva

In the process of planning we had 4 guiding principles:

Movement, Lingering, Revelation, Assimilation
The bridge is constructed out of basic prefabricated concrete elements, identified with Beer Sheva's brutalist architecture, and the physicality of the Negev soil.
The transforming experience along the bridge is created by the same elements, a process of gradual dissipating and exposure in the transition between the city and desert.
The links of the bridge unwrap in different locations along the bridge, allowing glances of the desert landscape, the park and the bridge. These places create tranquility zones without interfering with the continuous movement of pedestrians and cyclists using the bridge.
The light slant of the bridge (1%-4.5%) allows accessibility without elevators. ​

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Hagar Admi | 3D : Studio Ando

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