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56 Wolfson st.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Art Spirit building - a landmark in the south part of Tel Aviv.
A huge metal sculpture was placed on the eastern facade. In the lobby and on each floor metal works were hanged
All works of the artist: Nir Adoni.

56 Wolfson st and the corner of 24 Chlenov st is a residential building in the south part of Tel Aviv.
The building is located in a developing and dynamic area and includes small apartments of 35-50 m². The North side apartments are with balcony facing the street.
The building has 12 apartments and a penthouse.
On the ground floor 2 art galleries.
The combination of a developing environment and building for young people with works of Art, created a milestone in Wolfson Street.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Dan Hanegbi | Lee Davidson-Lerer |Hagar Admi
Photographer | Noam Elkayam
Work Art by Nir Adoni -metal, LED lights, industrial paints, 500X300c

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