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2 Pinsker st.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

"Landau House" - The building on 2 Pinsker Street and corner of Allenby is part of the Square: “2nd November” or more known as “Mugrabi square”.
An important building within the texture of the square, which is an important landmark in Tel Aviv.
The building was designed and built as an office and commercial building in 1947 by Yitzhak Rapaport in cooperation with the engineer A. Geliberman and architect G. Frankel.
Over the years, the building retained its shape and commercial character. The building is part of UNESCO's declaration area of ​​the White City as a world cultural heritage site.
The change of purpose and addition will turn the building into Community building with 44 apartments. The lobby of the new building and its entrance will be from Pinsker Street, as well as an inner courtyard for the residents. On the ground floor there are parking lots facing the street and duplex apartments facing the courtyard. The original stairwell and façades will be preserved.
The new ground floor is covered with aluminum blinds and wooden deckers for tenants use. This building will complement the quality of Mugrabi Square and will serve as a landmark along the renewed street

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects | Shlomit Berrebi
Original Architect: Y. Rappaport, A. Gleiberman and G. Frenkel

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