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INK Hotel

Sep 14, 2021



Sumit Singhal

A new hotel that opened last month in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The hotel was built on the grounds of what was the historical IL. Peretz library – that was founded in the 1950’s. The library was an anchor point of Yiddish literature and the cultivation of Yiddish culture for decades. With the decline of Yiddish readers around the world, the library association had to close its gates.

In 2016 the old building was demolished. With the demolition of the old building and upon planning the new hotel, it was clear that cultural historical values of the existing structure must be used in the new one. The goal was to preserve the spirit and symbolism of the cultural place and embody it in the hotel. The library theme inspiration comes to life in the design of the new building – with the form of it that resembles a stack of books. The books are as if placed on top of each other, and their pages are simulated on the building as blinds.
The new INK Hotel is an urban, young spirit hospitality spot with a rooftop pool, an underground restaurant with a special skylight, a gym and 50 unique bedrooms.

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