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Ink Hotel '14 Brenner St. Tel Aviv

Sep 25, 2021

אדריכלות ישראלית


The Peretz Public Library on Brenner Street

Was built during the 1950s in memory of po'alei Zion political party members whose socialist leaders were among the founders on the Mapai party (Mifleget Poalei Eretz Yisrael).The library included mainly books in Yiddish and it served as a center for Yiddish readers while establishing connections with academic institutions around the world. With the decline of Yiddish readers the library association
encountered monetary difficulties, the building was sold,. and later became an office building that included a hall for cultural events. In 2019 it was decided to demolish the building and to
construct a hotel. The architect decided to use the cultural spirit of the library as a source of inspiration, expressed inter alia by the image of a pile of books for the building envelope, with the shutters resembling pages. of the books.
Architecture: Yoav Messer Architects.
Design team: lnbar Gross Dekel Bar, Rotem Litbeck,
Avital Shenhav, Tidhar Beker and lftach Hayner,
head architect of the prerminary plan.
Interior design: Studio Yaron Tal.
Constructor: Eli Rotberd.
Landscape design: Kfir Fisher.
Photos: Amit Gasher, Sivan Askayo

Above: The skylight in the restaurant located in the upper basement.
Drawing: Section showing the relations between the courtyard and the restaurant below.
Right page: The restaurant as seen through the glass floor in the courtyard.
Drawing: The upper basement Floor Plan.
Top: Detail showing the way the shutters adapt to the engled cornice lines-recalling the pages of a book.
Below: The metal sign at the hotel entrance.
Drawing: Entrance floor plan.
Diagram below: The concept was inspired by a pile of books. Left page: The front facade on Brenner Street, at night.
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