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Etgarim Bicycle Center


Dec 31, 2012

Archity Preview.


The project was designed for the activities of Etgarim organization, that is named after the late Shneur Cheshin. The project is located at the border of HaYarkon Park in the city of Tel Aviv. It Includes three free standing buildings that provide 200 sqm of indoor space, and a wide outdoor area for different activities. The program includes a multipurpose space (club/class), a cafeteria, a bicycle storage room, changing rooms, an office, a central square, and a memorial pond.
Etgarim is a nonprofit organization which was founded in 1995 by a group of IDF veterans, disabled civilians and senior rehabilitation professionals. The organization’s main goal is to help disabled children, adolescents and adults to rehabilitate themselves physically, mentally and socially, through extreme sports and outdoor activities. Due to its special requirements , the space must be functional and meet the current needs as well as the future vision. Special emphasis was placed on designing accessible and flexible spaces (both indoors and outdoors) for the special needs of Etgarim members and all the residents of the city.

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