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Analyst Offices

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The new office - the other house
The modern office
The workplace, and especially the office, has undergone various processes over the years.
The "modern" office in an office building, characterized by efficiency and simplicity - corridor and room systems, with basic units in the room such as table, chair, shelves.
At another stage, open spaces were developed as workstations - cubes adapted to the minimal personal space. These offices are like a small industrial factory and ignores the needs of its employees and interpersonal relationships.

The house as an office
With the development of inter-office communications - computer, fax, telephone and e-mail has been created an alternative of working at home. A familiar environment is available and flexible during working hours. More and more employees preferred to disconnect from the "modern" office system and develop the home office. The interpersonal connections were mainly with close relatives - the members of the household and the few who were required to work.

The other house
This trend is undergoing change. In designing the new office we are trying to combine the two ministries - "industrial" and domestic. The new office is another work environment that enables informal meetings, openness and flexibility. Open spaces, "squares" and seating areas, "streets", a cafe, windows and openings, small houses and more. These are in fact different components of the city that penetrate the interior of the office. These spaces are repeated in our projects.

Planning team: Yoav Messer Architects |
Photographer: Anatoly Michaello
Analyst Investment Offices. 2000, 1000 sqm.

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